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The 4 caracteristics of a good family dog

she/he is at ease in all situations of daily life : your visitors, children, other dogs, staying alone at home...
she/he is friendly, respectful, and prefers to avoid any conflict with his masters.
she/he happily obeyes your commands and doesn't pull on the leash
she/he is a good dog too, when there are no commands,she/he is housebroken, doesn't chew on your possessions, doesn't jump up on people...

Specialised pet dog training

Achieving these four objectives is all that is needed to have a great family dog. To achieve this, all that is needed is a friendly and relaxed learning process, no voices raised. However the work needed is very precise ! Unfortunately, most people attempting to obedience-train their dog themselves, instead inadvertently teach them bad habits : not wanting to come when called, pulling on the leash, jumping up...

In fact, effective dog training, whether it concerns a simple recall problem, an anxiety disorder or agression, finally boils down to nothing more than teaching a dog to appreciate the situations he doesn't like. For a dog to be well behaved, it is important that she/he is happy and at ease. This only can be achieved by reward training. It is easy to make a dog like whatever you want of him. Punishment and intimidation cannot but make existent problems more difficult to solve.

Puppy training

One cannot begin to train one's new puppy too early ! On the other hand, certain personality problems cannot easily be resolved from the age of 4 months on !

Sadly it is often thought that dog training should begin from the age of 6 months. Of course, with dogs it is just as with people, early childhood experiences have an enormous impact on caracter and personality.

You will be living with your new dog for some 15 years. In dogs, the socialisation period ends at the age of 4 months, period ! Dont allow it to run out just like that ! To have a relaxed, non agressive, pet that loves what you ask of her/him, allow a specialist to teach you how to turn your new puppy into the happy and satisfying companion you hoped for.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION IN ENGLISH : addresses, map (Aisne et Oise, Marne), tarif, contact information.

Features :

PRIVATE COURSES IN ENGLISH : so that you can have your dog obey you instead of just the trainer.
INITIAL SESSION FREE : special offer, valid only during the summer months of 2010
FAMILY DOG OBEDIENCE : only the basics !
BEHAVIOUR PROBLEMS : house breaking, potty training, jumping up, agression...
HOME BOARDING : take dogs in boarding at my home, one at a time : zero stress !
PUPPY CLASS : puppies from 8 weeks old on
CLICKER TRAINING : dog friendly method without any punishment !INSTRUCTION OF THE OWNER
: canine psychologie, avoiding social problems, learning theory, communication, trics of the trade...
LOST - FOUND : how to act.

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